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Hosted by Oneway, Triad, Judas & Laxity.

A long time ago, in a world that seems so far away, there was christmasparties.
Copyparties held the days between christmas and newyear where real sceners
would gather and share the joy and bonanza of the blue-screen cult. Floppys
would spin hot, and warez flow. Today, things are different. Since years back,
those old danish events have become nothing but thousands of ignorant
lamers doing their rotten business trough local party networks. That is not our
idea of a proper copyparty, and, not yours either.

Where?: Ringstorps Fritidsgard, Kurirgatan, Nw Helsingborg, Skane, in the funky
south of Sweden. If you arrive by train, bus or boat to the central station
"Knutpunkten" in Helsingborg, locate the citytraffic bus-stops just across the
street outside the main building. Then jump on any bus marked 1A or 1B and ask
the driver to let you know when the closest stop to "Ringstorp Centrum" is coming up.
Then just follow the signs. Note; Make sure you enter a bus going TO Ringstorp, NOT
from Ringstorp. If you arrive by car, ask your way around and check your maps.
Got lost? No problem, pick up your phone and dial 1-800-FLOPPY98, or preferably the
official party phone at 0704-014509, which will be operated by Skyhawk.
If you are really confused and should need someone to guide you from Knutpunkten
to the party place, let us know in advance, and we will try come to your rescue.

When?: Sunday December 27th 12.00 --> Tuesday December 29th.

Entrance Fee?: 50pix dude. Why more? We are not doing this to make profit.

Rules?: None really, but remember that we who give you this are responsible
for all damage and the ones who will clean up your mess afterwards. Pigging
around is ofcourse ok, and we want you to feel relaxed, but if you puke inside
the party or cover the toilet walls with red paint you found somewhere, we will
not feel too happy to clean up after you. This is a private arrangement with real
sceners being personally responsible & we want to make more parties in the future.

Compos?: As we truly dont believe you will come and release any great demos at
our party (even if we wish..) our compos will be of the more playful and childish kind.
We have some gaming compos, which ofcourse includes "Exploding Fist",
"International Karate", "Hat Trick" and more, but we will also have some more
serious compos to tickle your creativity, such as "Mini-Demo/Intro", "C/G-Graphics",
"Basic Coding" and "Monkey Music"-compos. The prices in the compos will be
cheap and humble and we will do our best to make you feel honoured.

Food?: In the same building, you will find an ICA-store, a Bakery and a Pizzeria,
so dont you worry about the supply of hacker munch. _Alcohol?: If you really
want to stash up for a N/A ammount of Selubos or other kind of evil lemonades
we present to you; Denmark - the free country. Since the customlaws changed a
few years ago, you are practically able to bring in as much as you want. We wish
you happy shopping!

Showers?: Come on. You dont mean this. Wash all that good smell away?

Empty floppydisks?: Skyhawk will supply your needs at the party.

Nightclubs?: In case you like to watch women dance or hang out in bars we
recommend you do it anytime but on our party, but if you really want to see the
nightlife there are a few ones worth a drunken visit. Ask Jucke and he will tell you
all there is about it.

Girlfriends?: Please dont bring them unless they are really interested. This is a
copyparty, and not even a place for men, but for cheezy little nerdboys like us.
Don't get us wrong - Girls are cool and we love them too, but on a copyparty? - Get real.

Other formats?: Since we wish to maintain that special cheap vibe no modern
high-tech computer equipment will be allowed. It's alright to bring your other old
machines along, as long as they stay within the 8-bit frame.

Gaming facilities!: We know you have freaky gamekids hiding inside of you, so
we will have some classic consoles there for you. Machines such as Atari 2600,
Odyssey 2001, Philips Videopac G7000 - for that true computer game feeling.

Sleeping Room?: Yes, there is one. The partyplace concists of two rooms. The
bigger one is the party-room, and the smaller one is the sleeping room. Very simple.
Bring a sleeping bag.

Neigbours?: Yes, there are alot of old farts living in the houses just outside the party
and since we don't want to make them upset and call the police when their hood is
invaded by 8-bit monkeys, we advice you to not make too much noise or act disturbing
just outside the partyplace, but remember that you can be as loud as you want inside
the partyplace. We in the staff will connect small amplifiers to our butts so we can fart
like thunder.

Buses?: If you by any reason feel the urge to visit downtown it is very easy to catch
a bus just outside the partyplace. It's bus "1" A and B, and it goes from wee hours to
around midnight all week. The cost is about 12pix for a ticket that lasts an hour.

Taxi?: A cab downtown costs about 70pix one way, but buses are recommended.

Electricity?: Please bring your own multi-sockets. We only have a few.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact any of us.

Skyhawk 042-212064 (hpersson@hotmail.com), or the partyphone at 0704-014509
Jucke 042-148669 (joakim_cosmo@hotmail.com)
Taper 0457-10194 (mystique@algonet.se) and his Triad HQ, Antidote: 0457-26471
Iopop 0457-16531 (tb98hja@student.hk-r.se)

We are looking forward to this just as much as you do. And to vibe you further,

The feel of a real keyboard, the sound of the diskdrive header changing track, ..and the size of a REAL floppydisk.

No, we thank YOU.