The party is over.

After one billion hours of cleaning and crawling in dirt, your poor hero returns one last time, just before the greatest sleep ever known to mankind is about to take place. I guess you are all looking for the compoentries and results now, so.. here they are. (Let me know if something is missing or erroneus). The entries are not ordered at all on the disks, but that's the best I can do for you in this state of mind. (I almost hallucinated when driving home from the partyplace about two hours ago.)

Direct link to all the hot stuff.

Be sure to check this page again a few days into the future cause the winds of the great Disorder might have wiped all kinds of sense and sanity out of the information which is now present on this page.

* One error was discovered already, by Jazzcat. I forgot ripping side 2 of the Onslaught/Creators/Shape cooperative release of SPEED. Both sides are now in the "Other releases"-dir Thanks...

* Another error discovered by Puterman. Evil galactic forces made me forget uploading side two of the Attitude magazine. Sorry for that. It's in the Other releases-dir too...

* The entry from Coders with attitude was missing. It is now added to a diskimage called UPDATE.D64.

* Taper noticed that Nisse/The Gang's picture wasn't working, so I ripped it again, and it is now placed on a diskimage called UPDATE.D64 since it didn't fit on STUFF.D64 (It was larger than the file that was earlier on STUFF.D64). The non-working Nisse-picture is now removed from STUFF.D64. Guess I, or someone else, will have to sort the compofiles a little better some day. However, all the c64-stuff should be there now, or...?

* Another addition to the archive, but not because something went wrong: Zyron, Trazan, Blackdriod and Jason sent me photos. If you too got some photos, please send them.

* By the way.. here is an article about LCP in the local newspaper of Linköping. There is an article at www.svd.se too, but you have to registrate yourself (free for 30 days) to be able to see it. The articles are also available as textfiles in the LCP filearea.

* If anyone has written a partyreport from LCP, please send that too..

* Uh.. sorry. Zyron told me... Seems like there was even one more entry from Coders With Attitude missing. The Up In Smoke III demo is now added to UPDATE.D64 in the compo dir. Enjoy! Anything else missing now?

* Found out another missing entry myself: Pushing Bits II by CMP. Also added to UPDATE.D64. Gotta sleep...

* Added the great GBC-demo by Lai/Phantasy and so the GBC-stuff is now complete. Only amigastuff missing now.

* Finally.. Added all the amigastuff. Thanks to Mermaid and Duckhunter for sending. Now I really believe that all the warez from the compo is in the archive. Complete and working. If not, then just tell me.

// Autoboy - Disconnected and blown up in the sky



27.07.2003 : The party is over. Thank you all for contributing!
25.07.2003 : This is a very special day.
24.07.2003 : Swedish LCP-fans should keep an eye open for a short interview with me, about LCP, in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (kultursidorna) any day now.
23.07.2003 : Official opening time is friday, at 17.00, but there will be people at the partyplace from at least 14.30, so don't fear (if you have booked a train arriving earlier than 17.00 or so). Also, LCP is over again at sunday 12.00, but the same conditions apply here. You won't get kicked out until a little later...
23.07.2003 : Magervalp is bringing his arcade cabinet, so maybe, just maybe, there will be some full contact arcade gaming compo axzion? There is some kind of metal mystic blowing in the air. Things are getting closer...
23.07.2003 : Soon come.. Even more party features taken care of: Some new hardware, being developed in the depths of our own hidden HT-chambers, will be demonstrated briefly sometime during LCP. It guess it will make the tape gaming enthusiasts among you happy and the men behind behind this project is good old Jeckbuzz/HT and top secret dude GC-113.

Also, today Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers contacted me and said that Doc Bacardi will bring along, and sell, some goods like:

- a few Commodore Billboard/Funet CDs
- some 4-player adapters for the C64
- some networking cards for the RR-carts
(Official World premiere on saturday at LCP!)
- A few cases for the RR-carts

Also, he proved to be in the Official Sponsor mood (which he is now) and gave away two RR networking cards and two 4-player adapters to be given away as prizes in the compos. (Note that the RR-cart is not currently being sold since it's out of stock, and future production runs are not certain.) At the moment it's not clear which criteria that will decide in what way, and to whom, that the networking cards will be handed out, but they will be given to coders, in some way or another. At the moment, I don't honestly know how to handle this. However, it seems likely that the winner in the democompo may chose for himself what he want, a 4-player adapter or a network card. In any case, he'll get one of those nice framed golden 5.25"-disk-prizes.
23.07.2003 : Just a reminder. Bring lots of electric multiplugs! (More than you need for yourself, since people will have to connect to each other.)
21.07.2003 : Turntables and a mixer is now taken care of. Highscore to Taskman/Medieval. This is what I call C=ommunism. There is #%01010101 people on the list now!
21.07.2003 : I added a carpool-section to this page. Send me a mail if you'd like to put an ad there yourself, or if you are able to help out.. I realize this is a little late to put this up now, but hopefully it will help someone.
18.07.2003 : Anyone got DJ-gear? (turntbles and/or a mixer) Anyone wanna get in for free? Anyone see the connection?
18.07.2003 : Just one week left and I'm pleased to tell you that Lektrogirl (Rephlex Records) will show up and show you where it's at on the wheels of steel. Expect some hot 80's robotic vinyl-tasting shit. Also in the mixing business on LCP: DJ Cosmo and maybe Role Model.
18.07.2003 : So.. I'm back from the place called away, and thus I added some more people to the list. Also, DeCoMPracid/Shrine wanted me to put this on the page:

Looking for a carpool space for 2 people. Non smoking, maybe someone traveling To LCP from The Netherlands or the dutch/German border by car.

Sure, it's a long shot, but you never know...
14.07.2003 : Compostuff from all earlier LCP's has been uploaded to the file area. I admit that it is pretty haphazard and that I really ought to sort it all up some day. Some stuff might even be missing in this archive.
12.07.2003 : Another party feature... I have spent some time on the fabrication of deluxe compo prizes, for once. The winner entry in each of the three c64-compo-categories (demo/music/gfx) will be awarded a framed golden 5.25" disk with a sign under it, saying something 100% tasty like:

Demo #1

I'm sure it would look good on your bedroom wall, wouldn't it!? If you rank #2 in the compo you will recieve a prize with a silver 5.25" disk, but it will be a lot simpler than the first prize. If I find time winners in the other non c64-categories might recieve prizes too.
11.07.2003 : Coding coding coding... That's what my day has been like, and I like what it's been like. Don't let them fool you! Show dem your deadly skills. See, dem cyan boogaloo...
11.07.2003 : $19-$0b=$0e days left now dudes! Sounds like a thousand heavenly soft silver bells to me..
06.07.2003 : Do you want this page in swedish?
27.06.2003 : YES! Heavy credits goes to Twoflower for fixing the bigscreen issue. Now you can expect bad movies and chunky demos both on friday and saturday. Grrrreat!
19.06.2003 : Magervalps voting util for the LCP2003 compos is almost finished now and it looks good! Prepare to vote in some hi-tech futuristic voting c64-terminals!
19.06.2003 : I still haven't managed to get a bigscreen projector for friday evening. Anyone?
17.06.2003 : Fred/The Gang says he will sell 5,25"-disks at the party. He has got 200 disks for sale, and each pack of 10 disks will be sold for 50 SEK. Good news for some of you I guess. If anyone got Commodore hardware or other related stuff they want to sell or give away, just tell me about it and bring it to LCP. I'm sure someone wants it.
02.06.2003 : Another feature planned for LCP: Trident/Active will give you a presentation of his funky OS called Contiki which runs on an unexpanded Commodore64, and also some not yet released ethernet hardware for the C64. Check it out!
31.05.2003 : There are voices in the trees.. OLD Deceit is back!
26.05.2003 : Ok, so I managed to get hold of a bigscreen projector for saturday at least. Working on fixing one for friday too, of course, and if anyone of you got one in your backpocket, please let me know.
21.05.2003 : Special events requires special attention, right? So.. ATTENTION! Here is a message from the boys in Triad, Twoflower and Iopop: If you got some rare Swedish c64-demos, send them to either Twoflower or Iopop. Furthermore, they want you to to get in touch with them if there is some old not-so-famous local scener/group from the swedish scene-history that you would like to know more about. Who knows then what secrets the future will unravel..
21.05.2003 : Damn! Just out of nowhere, the people that I'll hire the partyplace from suddenly said "and by the way, we have no bigscreen anymore". ARGH! Now I have to get hold of another one. If anyone of you Visitors are able to supply a bigscreen projector somehow,  p l e a s e  let me know!
21.05.2003 : Quite a lot of information added to this page, in three new sections: Battle 2003, General Rules and How to get there & Geography.
20.05.2003 : 2 months + 5 days left.. About time for me to do some serious hard work concerning the details of LCP. If there is anything you want to see on LCP, Let Me Know. I *REALLY* MEAN THAT. Good ideas means that everyone will be happy, happier, happiest. For the curious; There is already a special event featuring Twoflower/Triad and Iopop/Triad planned. More details later on. Also, please bring your favourite demos and stuff like that. The bigscreen is open for everyone! Lots of more HOT stuff is in the pipeline..
18.05.2003 : It was raining outside today and it was one of those days when I found myself on my bed, staring into the wall and having a bad feeling. You know, the kind of feeling you get when you think about all that unoptimized code running on poor machines all over the world, with zillions of cpu-cycles being wasted every second. I really wish I could do something about it. I'm trying...
17.05.2003 : If you are going to the Hultsfred Festival here in Sweden this summer, then be sure to check out me and Goto80 playing Goto80's C64-music live. Information is available here.
25.04.2003 : It's nice to see old groups like The Paranormal Federation and The Gang showing up on the scene again. Personally I had some strange feeling that Floppy2003 was the moment when the swedish c64-scene started turning upwards again, in some kind of spiritual sense. Dunno why... IT'S ALIVE!!!
22.04.2003 : Booger/Hack'n Trade is back from Asia! Welcome back dude!
29.03.2003 : I'm pleased to see that #%00011100 [zero indexed] people signed up already. Someone asked me what I will do if more than #%11111111 people sign up, and the answer is simple: "Just carry on(e)!" Or maybe even: ".WORD $UPBI,$TCH!" Not funny, eh? Ok, I know I'm "a bit flippeds." (If you did not understand this at all, it's probably because you're not a coder.)
28.03.2003 : Ok, so HCL/Booze Design mailed the correct answer for the Ninja-Slator-riddle, and thus he won the the spexial prize: An extra vote in the compo! Hooray! The answer is, both of 'em are from Germany. In fact, I guess this riddle was 100% easy. I just wanted to make a simple point: Visitors from abroad are always very welcome.
26.03.2003 : Slaygon/Censor, master of DNS-mumbojumbo, has applied his skillz onto "www.lcp.c64.org" and now it points to the new webserver. You are also able to browse the lcp-archive again. Feel free...
26.03.2003 : Ninja and Slator signed up for LCP$07D3. The first one to figure out what they have in common will win a special prize! A clue: We like what they have in common, seen through a pair of LCP-glasses.
21.03.2003 : Ugh! I had to change to another server due to the old one being severely malfunctioning. Let's hope this one works better. 1001 credits and extra lifes goes to Fortytwo for supplying. Note that the lcp-archive-browser is removed temporarily too. It'll be back!
18.03.2003 : One day has passed and 15 people already signed up! If that many people would sign up every day until 25 July then there would be roughly 1950 people at LCP this year. Unbelievably likely! I also transformed this page from the initial pure text version, into something more... uhm.. htmlized!
17.03.2003 : Jucke/G*P was faster than Trazan this year and won the "sign-up-first" competition. Cheers!
17.03.2003 : Good news! The partyplace (same as last year) is now taken care of and the date of LCP 2003 is official: 25-27 July.



#% : Jucke/Genesis*Project
#% : Mathman/Hack'n Trade
#% : Chomma/Hack'n Trade
#% : Taper/Triad
#% : Trazan/Hitmen
#% : Dwangi
#% : Poison/Oneway
#% : Puterman/Fairlight
#% : Gosh/Hack'n Trade
#% : Goto80/Hack'n Trade
#% : A_Lee_N
#% : Magervalp
#% : Hollowman/Fairlight
#% : Lithis/Beepdealers
#% : Nim/Beepdealers
#% : Ninja/The Dreams (de)
#% : HackZ0id/SideRs
#% : Zynthaxx/SideRs
#% : Johey/d4rkn3ss
#% : VNZ/Hack & Trade
#% : CMP
#% : Fortytwo
#% : Slator/Onslaught (de)
#% : Zyz/THCOutput
#% : Slaygon/Censor
#% : HCL/Booze Design
#% : Vodka/Fairlight
#% : Avalon/Wrath Designs
#% : Oxidy/Wrath Designs
#% : Blackdroid/Wrath Designs
#% : Zapper/THCOutput
#% : Buzz/THCOutput
#% : ZX81/THCOutput
#% : Iopop/Triad
#% : Dane/Crest
#% : Sledge/Fairlight
#% : oZe/The Paranormal Federation
#% : GB/THCOutput/SolidChaos
#% : Jason/Antic
#% : Morphfrog
#% : yoki/uprough
#% : Jeckbuzz/Hack'n Trade
#% : Booger/Hack'n Trade
#% : Bolo/Hack'n Trade
#% : Mindcooler/Sys5
#% : Ramzeus/The Gang
#% : Fred/The Gang
#% : Zyron/F4CG/Oxsid Planetary
#% : Qdor/THCoutput
#% : j
#% : taskman/medieval
#% : Wix
#% : Grokk/The Gang
#% : Twoflower/Triad
#% : Riddler/Active
#% : Trasher/Active
#% : Trident/Active
#% : macx/onslaught
#% : Shastar/Deceit
#% : ZZAP69/Noice/No Name
#% : Skyhawk/Laxity
#% : danb/system
#% : granis
#% : lai/phantasy
#% : Bonky/Tulou
#% : Heson
#% : Garvin/Booze Design
#% : TDS/Creators (no)
#% : Alerion/s3k7lünch
#% : Doc Bacardi/The Dreams (de)
#% : Yodelking/Defiers
#% : UL-Tomten
#% : Nisse/The Gang
#% : weinholt/Church of the SubGenius
#% : sjrz
#% : Psychad/Illuminati
#% : skope/uprough^ageema
#% : Halaster/MaGiX (dk)
#% : Thorn/MaGiX (dk)
#% : sbtr
#% : Adam Klotblixt
#% : Lektrogirl/Rephlex rec. (uk)
#% : Alfatech/Censor
#% : maktone/fairlight
#% : hellaz
#% : zbt/beepdealers
#% : Yaemon/ex-Depredators (dk)
#% : Joyride/Noice
#% : Todi/Tulou
#% : Mermaid/Creators (no)
#% : polardark
#% : Aro/HT
#% : Randy MH/PCSM
#% : frontier
#% : taurus
#% : zantetsu
#% : pyakex/S3k7lünch



After LCP2001 and LCP2002 I got some feedback which subsequently was fed into my brain, and the following words came out:

Focus on C64. Compared to the general population, a significant share of the LCP-visitors are c64-related people. However, we are still as pleased as ever to see other kinds of 8-bit-people and atari/amigapeople (of the older kind) at LCP. I'm sure you will have a just as great time as everyone else. However, DON'T bring your PC, unless you need it for console dev'ing. PC people have other places to go.


Since 90% of the visitors are c64-people, we will separate the c64-compo from the rest, to acknowledge the focus on c64 that has always been inherent in LCP. So, these are the categories for this years databattle:

- Demo
- Music
- Graphics

General 8bit/16bit:
- Demo
- Music
- Graphics

The following Compomachines will be used:
- Commodore64 (old/new), 1541-II, Action Replay
- Amiga500 (Switchable Kickstart1.3/3.1, Switchable 68000/68030, 1536KbChip/512KbFast, Harddisk)
- Your machine.. If you've got an entry for another 8bit/16bit-machine, then bring your own hardware. (If you've got an entry for a handheld machine, with visual content, LET ME KNOW AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE THE PARTY.)

No rules really except for the fact that you have to be present at the party if you want to join the competition. Also, if you want your release to be spread in some special way, or just for easier spreading, consider handing in a complete .d64/.nfo/.zip/.lha-blabla-something too, in addition to the usual c64-disk... When you hand in your entry, you'll be requested to fill in a form with some information: "Name of the entry", "who did it", "Press Space between parts?" and such things. Entrydisks will be kept.

Hi-Tech Voting system:
To shorten the voting (counting) procedure we will use C64's as voting terminals. The system is made by the computer magician and artist Magervalp, especially for LCP! This means you'll have to give every entry in the compo a score between 1-10 and when the compo is over you'll go to one of the Voting Terminals set up all over the partyplace and enter your scores. More information about this at the party.

We try to keep the entrance fee quite low, and generally involve as little money as possible into this whole thing. This means you wont get $999.999 for a winner entry. However, you will get something. Every winning entry will get a framed golden 5.25"-disk with a sign saying that you're a compo winner at LCP2003, and people ranked second in the compos will get silver-disks. Also, two 4-player adapters will be handed out to compo-winners, and Two networking cards for the RR-cart will be handed out, some way or another, but only to coders. The hardware is a donation from the official sponsor, named Individual Computers.

Other Releases:
Sometimes people release things like diskmags at the party, outside the compo. Hand them in to us (on disk), if you want to, and we'll spread it together with all the compo warez.


None.. Break them all! However, bring all the electric multisockets you might need + A FEW PLUGS EXTRA! There is a quite limited ammount of wallplugs available and some people will have to chain-connect to each others plugs to get enough electricity.



Once upon a time you had to be good to get your warez spread across the nations. People fought hard to be THE BEST and as they fought their way across the landscapes of bits and bytes, their skills got sharper and sharper. New masters emerged in the traces of the work of the Sages of Old, and after some time, they became Sages themselves in yet higher dimensions. This movement was vital like a Superstrong Giant Erected Cock. When seen trough this Light-Phenomena even a dude from Alingsås should be able to see whats wrong with a statement like: "The important thing is that you DO something." Fuck that! LCP is not there just to keep something ol' and dirty alive. LCP IS THERE TO KILL LAMERS! Not by use of force and violence of course, but through it's sole existence. Because LCP is a place in space and space is a place where things may grow and prosper.

Uhh.. Yeah! Some late night uncoherent impressionist string of ascii characters. 03:47 o clock and dying... +++ATB


The partyplace is called "Skylten" and it's marked with a red dot on the map below. Since it's located _very close_ to the railway station (the brown "box" called "resecentrum") it's quite easy to find your way there. When you are at the station, just go trough the tunnel under the railway. There is two tunnels, and I refer to the one which is just behind the railway station. Both will work though. The other one is just another 100 meters away. When the tunnel ends, turn left (you have to) and follow the path (between the railway and a fence) for about about 100 meters. The fence has got an opening there. Pass trough it and walk around the house you're now facing clockwise. You'll see stairs made of metal and you're there! If you drive by car, however, you'll have to drive "around" the railway. Either over that bridge which can be seen on the upper left corner on the map, or under the tunnel in the lower right corner on the map. Check www.gulasidorna.se and search for "resecentrum" in "linköping" to get a map and even a description on how to drive there. The partyplace is on the road called "Södra Oskarsgatan 3".)

There is a kinda big grocery store (Priso) on the white square next to "Länsrätt". If you need to get some cash there is a "bank-machine" by the railway station. Central Linköping is just behind "Vårdcentral" on the map.


Send me a mail if you want to add your ad here, or if you are able to help out yourself.

Slator is looking for...
...people going from stockholm/soedertaelje to lcp by train. might be fun to join forces maybe. Or maybe someone goes by car and has a seat for me? Contact Slator under: lcp@depredators.org

Oxidy/WD says:
A car is leaving Malmö at friday around 17.00. Two seats are empty. We could stop on the way if it follows the route Malmö->Helsingborg and then the E4 straight to Linköping. Gas is paid by everyone. info@spam.suxxors.oxidy.com or join #wrathdesigns on IRCNet and ask there.

DeCoMPracid/Shrine says:
I'm looking for a carpool space for 2 people. Non smoking, maybe someone traveling To LCP from The Netherlands or the dutch/German border by car.

Role Model/HT says:
I'm looking for a car going back from LCP to Stockholm. Anyone?



There are two other officially supported swedish copyparties:

    - Floppy
    - Jamaica ROM



While waiting for some more hot information on this site, you should feel extremely free to browse the current version of the lcp archive. Please send me any missing photos and/or other stuff you have which is missing in the archive. Of course you'll find all compoentries from earlier years, and that kind of stuff in there some day too.. Just give it some time.

// Autoboy - working his ass of for YOU!

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