WHAT?: Triad, Judas, Hack&Trade & Laxity invite you, weirdo with old computer, to the second BFP Data-Party in Helltown!

WHEN?: Friday July 27 (12.00) - Sunday July 29 (12.00)

WHERE?: Helsingborgs Mjölkcentral, Mejerigatan 0 (yes, zero), Helsingborg, Sweden.

INVITRO: Get the c64 invitro here!

WHY?: Because we like to gather sweaty datanerds, sleep on cold concrete floors, gaze at big pixels and fill our ears with lots of squelchy analogue sid-sounds, because.. well, we dont need to tell you this. You know the shit. We set it up, but YOU make it happen.

2007-08-13: Added the Atari compotune by Orbiter and Timbral to the archive today. Enjoy.
2007-07-31: ...and of course, you should check out all the photos added to the archive by now, available both as zips and directly browseable.
2007-07-30: Ooops! Only one of two disksides of the 64DTV demo were included in the archive yesterday. That is fixed now. Also added some photos and video clips from BFP. Send me more!
2007-07-29: Back home... Party over! Thanks to all of you for a GREAT party! We (the organisers) had a totally great time ourselves. Actually, we thought the vibe was so close to perfect data harmony that we deliberately chose not to impose a lot of "party features" like having game compos and so on in order not to disturb the free flowing activity and madness. We hope that this suited you too. In any csae, let us hear what you thought about the event and also, if you took photos during the party, send them here so we can put them in the BFP/LCP/Floppy archive. Thanks!

The official results and C64, 64DTV and Amiga compo stuff are available here:


We're still waiting for Orbiters/Timbrals Atari tune and the Gameboy tune in native format, to be sent to us. (Timbral+Orbiter and dubmood, please get back to us on this mail address.)

Ultima III Gold and a old previously unreleased Triad demo were released outside compos and can be found here.

Special thanks to Magervalp and Mogwai (and many others really) for their support.


2007-07-26: I (Frantic) am leaving for the partyplace now and won't update the homepage anymore. If you're not signed up and still want to come, then you're very welcome to do so! SEE YOU AT BFP!!!!!!!! :)
2007-07-24: Another party feature: Gunne from GGS data will show up on saturday (95% sure) and sell some of his commodore stuff.
2007-07-19: About one week left now! Hoho! Added a preliminary party schedule to this page. Also added a note from Johey on the cooperative travelling section that might be of interest for those who wants to go from Stockholm to BFP.
2007-06-10: Oh YES! Another NICE party feature announced today: Mogwai, alias DATA DOCTOR alias Eternal Hero of Data, will bring all his computer fixing tools and skills to BPF and will be able to help YOU out with your broken hardware. This may be your chance to fix that old broken [something], or at least get to know what's wrong with it. Note that there is no guarantee that Mogwai will have the time to check what you bring (perhaps it isn't even likely), so don't get disappointed in that case. Just consider it as a huge bonus in case he fixes some of your stuff. He is surely capable of doing that!
2007-05-28: ...and just when you thought you were safe and all that, Jucke confirmed that he will get to your heads with a nice BFP Live version of "Jucke's ExperiMENTAL Sidshow"! Furthermore, Goto80 (+ support) will perrrrrrrforrrrrrm his Ghetto SID Paranoia Muzak live for you.
2007-05-21: HCL was the 64:th dude to sign up for BFP. He won a insterstellar trip to the Andromeda Galaxy and double votepower in the compo! Congratulations! Apart from this, we started working actively with party features of various kinds now. Stay tuned for info about such things!
2007-04-19: People keep signing up in a steady stream, which is NICE! Added some BFP2006 pictures from Shastar to the archive today. View here.
2007-04-12: ...and the number of visitors already exceeded the 4-bit range!
2007-04-12: Site launched and c64 invitro released. Go go!
PARTYPLACE: The old milkfactory proved to be a good venue for databoys, so we've booked it again. Before BFP2006 we asked ourselves, "is this place too rough?" but within less than a cpu cycle we remembered that our guests are simply the toughest of data people and will get to grips with any situation, and so you did. Since the raw year of 2006 the rooms have now been partly rebuilt and shaped up into something which rather looks like a underground nightclub or a small concert venue. New luxury features are two toilets directly connected to the data room and a superb air vent system to take away the most horrifying farts.

HOW TO FIND?: Check map here. (Big house in the middle.) If you arrive by train-ferry-bus-plane-wheelchair you will most certainly end up at the Helsingborg Central Station "KnutPunkten". From there we recommend a taxi up to the Milkfactory (10 minutes for about 100 SEK) or CityBus #3 (going towards Västergård), jumping off at the busstop called "Mejerigatan".

COMPOS: In classic LCP/Floppy fashion MC Frasse vs S.A.M and super demo DJ's Taper & Vinzi take you trough the compos in a wunderbar mix of kaos und ordnung. Last time three diskdrives gave up on us during the show. The compos are as follows: c64 Demo/Music/Graphics, Amiga, Atari, Gameboy, Spectrum, basically any vintage format you can come up with. We totally refuse to take compo entries from people not present at the party. The most divine form of compo participation karma can only be achieved by physical presence among the party monkeys, so you better be there! (This year we'll make sure to get hold of a better bigscreen projector than the funky one used at BFP2006.)

FOOD & DRINK: Like last year, we will have a BFP Foodmap ready so you can go food hunting in the surrounding area yourself. Within a 1km distance you will find a supermarket, burgergrill, Pizzerias, 24h Mcdonalds, 24h Petrolstations, and more. And if you are awake saturday morning you will be served a simple free breakfast.

ENTRANCE FEE: Only 100 SEK. (~10euro)

RULES: Smoking is outdoors.

COMFORT FACTOR?: Big Floppy People does not pretend to be a healthy event. In fact, concrete floors and no showers will surely transform you into a woked zombie within 48h. Chances are high that you will eat unhealthy food, drink unhealthy beverages, sleep in the most unlikely places and maybe wake up with a floppydisk glued to your forehead not knowing where the hell you are, but, and this is the real butt, YOU have chosen to live the data wildlife, and so have we. Peas on earth.

For further information and questions, check the homepage at bfp.c64.org, catch us on IRCNet #c-64 or mail us at:

Frantic  bigfloppypeople@gmail.com
Jucke    joakim_cosmo@hotmail.com
Taper    taper@triad.se
Iopop    iopop@triad.se
Skyhawk  hpersson@hotmail.com

Not a final version - Just to give you a hint!
All times are approx only, except the beginning
and ending times of the party.

12.00 - Doors open
Every now and then - mogwai the data doctor
22.00 - game compo
06.00 - breakfast

Every now and then - mogwai the data doctor
Some time during the day - GGS data selling stuff.
14.00 - 1/X/2 DATA quiz
16.00 - game compo
21.00 - compo deadline all categories
21.00-23.00 - Jucke's ExperiMENTAL Sidshow (live)
23.00 - democompo
After compo - Voting 40 minutes and Goto80+other one (live)
Some time after this - compo results and compo winner cermony

12.00 - Party officially over (cleaning starts)

People who can't resist:

%00000000   Johey/D4rkn3ss
%00000001   RadiantX/Panda Design
%00000010   Vodka/Fairlight
%00000011   VNZ/HT
%00000100   aegis/nothing
%00000101   Alchemist/TUC
%00000110   Argonaut/TUC
%00000111   Zyron/Oxsid Planetary
%00001000   Moppe/Oneway
%00001001   Fortytwo
%00001010   Dane/BD
%00001011   MagerValp
%00001100   Medvurst/Dinasours Enterprises
%00001101   Yazoo/Oxyron
%00001110   Gordon Aquabutt/Spaceagents
%00001111   Twoflower/Triad
%00010000   yoki/up rough
%00010001   Mathman/HT
%00010010   ZZAP69/No Name
%00010011   Ravelli/Durex
%00010100   Spot/Up Rough & Triad
%00010101   DJ Gruby/Oxyron (ex-Cactus/Oxyron)
%00010110   Kanalje
%00010111   Wix/mippotronic
%00011000   orbiter
%00011001   gosh/ht
%00011010   Fix/TRSI
%00011011   Archmage/Instinct/Andromeda
%00011100   Goto80/Ht
%00011101   Sledge/Fairlight
%00011110   eleric/thcoutput
%00011111   Booger/HT/Up Rough
%00100000   Sir Garbagetruck/Accession/Madwizards
%00100001   Kenho
%00100010   Charlotte
%00100011   MegaDeeno/KattKebab/Judas/UP
%00100100   Jucke/Judas
%00100101   Mindcooler/Sys5
%00100110   Doc Bacardi/The Dreams
%00100111   RaveGuru/Instinct
%00101000   Crazy Q/DHS/YM-Rockerz
%00101001   Sphinx/Danish Gold
%00101010   Avalon
%00101011   Qwan/up rough^la paz
%00101100   rambones/Ancients
%00101101   Devia/Ancients
%00101110   FTC/HT
%00101111   amiONE
%00110000   iTCH/nofx
%00110001   Eagle
%00110010   Wonderboy
%00110011   pois0n/oneway/SWA
%00110100   nestingbox/independent
%00110101   Oxidy/Fairlight
%00110110   GRG/Supreme Headquarters Allied Programmers Europe
%00110111   Rusty46
%00111000   Fred/The Gang
%00111001   Grokk/The Gang
%00111010   shastar/weird
%00111011   elp/weird
%00111100   mermaid/vision
%00111101   Sixx/f4CG
%00111110   Taper/TRIAD
%00111111   HCL/BoozeDesign
%01000000   ptoing/Red Brand/Prollcoder
%01000001   prowler/up rough^citron.
%01000010   Scout/Silicon/Dekadence/F4CG
%01000011   Mace/Secure
%01000100   Dalton/Phantasy
%01000101   Morphfrog
%01000110   linde/rPC
%01000111   puterman/fairlight
%01001000   Mogwai/DFS
%01001001   maktone/fairlight
%01001010   Rave/Triad
%01001011   Uncle Tom/The Dreams
%01001100   CMP/Phat Bytes
%01001101   Ramzeus/The Gang
%01001110   macx/onslaught
%01001111   Pernod/Horizon
%01010000   VIC/Camelot
%01010001   Bugjam/The Dreams
%01010010   Virus/Skidrow
%01010011   Lotus/Ancients
%01010100   plus8/Up Rough
%01010101   Mortimer Twang/Up Rough
%01010110   z-nexx
%01010111   Skope/Up Rough
%01011000   Zaner /Up Rough
%01011001   Shadow/Noice
%01011010   kop
%01011011   kugg/e46
%01011100   Razor 1911/Dubmood
Greetings to Markuz who discovered the hidden secret.
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u can't see me

» Johey says (in Swedish):

Hej stordiskettmänniska!

Jag har hyrt en minibuss som avgår från Stockholm och ner till Helsingborg, via några avkrokar. Västerås och eventuellt Norrköping, exempelvis, beroende på var folk vill bli upplockade. Preliminär avgångstid från Stockholm är 12:00 på fredagen den 27/7, men det är inte helt spikat än. Kan även bli tidigare, men förmodligen inte senare. Hemfärd samma väg på söndagen. åket rymmer nio pers, men jag tror inte vi ska överskrida sju om vi ska ha en gnutta komfort och dataplats. Klart, nöden har ingen lag, men...

Totalpriset för resan uppskattas till 4000 kr och vi delar allt lika på alla i bilen, oavsett var man blir upplockad. Det är den faktiska kostnaden vi delar på och jag tar inte ut någon vinst så att säga.

I skrivande stund är status enligt nedan. Uppdaterad lista finns i tråden "Transport från/till Västerås/Stockholm-området" på scene.se.

Ska med: Jag, mindcooler, p3zman
Obekräftat: Joyride, wix
Nysare: zabutom, girlfiend, Albin, Truck

Det finns fortfarande ett par platser kvar, men det är lite först till kvarnvarning. Jalla balla!

(FTC says: In case you don't have access too scene.se, contact me and I'll give you Joheys email.)

» Zzap69 says: Anyone travelling to Helsingborg via Småland and if so, have a spare seat in the car?
» Exin/Cosine says: Is anyone driving from germany to this party? I would be even pay half of the fuel! :)
» Maktone sits on top of the highest mountain of Örebro singing the song of deeply felt cooperative travelling desire. Anybody with a car passing the Örebro neighbourhood?
» Joyride/Noice wonders if anyone will go from STHLM <-> BFP by car so he can JOYn them on the RIDE. Mail him.
» Britelite wonders if anyone will go by car to BFP from Stockholm? Yeah.. Anyone?
» DJ Gruby / Oxyron (ex-Cactus/Oxyron), coming from Poland, is looking for CHEAP ways of travelling from Köpenhamn airport to Helsingborg. Are you somewhere close to the airport having a car?
Send a mail to Frantic if you wish to add something here, or if you need help in getting in touch with some of the advertisers here.

» RaveGuru is no soldier of soldering, and wonders wheather anyone is able to supply a C128 1084S-II RGBi cable (9 pin DSUB-->9 pin DSUB)?
» Fix/TRSi says:
Stuff for sale / trade:

I'll bring:
Will bring, Vic 20,C64,C128,Printer,Diskdrives,Powersupplys, Diskettes and other useful stuff.
Tested and non tested stuff.

Looking for:

Hardware Diskdrive accelerators like Dolphindos, Speeddos and Professional Dos
Commodore SX-64 ( in good condition.. )
Amiga 4000 (CPU Card) 030/25Mhz
Scandoubler to Amiga 4000

Or other cool stuff....
» Sixx wants to trade a 1541 for a Commodore 64 model brown bread box.
» Frantic needs a 1541-II trafo madly badly, and also a SCSI harddrive (I or III). Anyone?
» Skope/Up Rough wants to buy a "new" model c64 and a slimline diskdrive. Preferrably not a yellow one! Slap me a mail msn_lenne[snabel-a]hotmail[dot]com
» An additional 256K of memory can be yours! Yoki trades Amiga 1050 Memory Expansion Cartridge (A1000) for C1084 frontlucka.
» Archmage desperatly wants to buy a Commodore 1551 disk drive for the C16/Plus4. If you have one that's just collecting dust, get in touch and you'll get cash up front and a Norwegian Ringnes pils at BFP. This might be a longshot, but still...
» Morphfrog dreams of disk notchers (one really) and SID chips (2 really) of the 6581 kind, and preferably revision 4. Anyone got that for sale?
» Oxidy wants to buy boxed Tac-2's. Also factory sealed c-64 games of any kind as long as they're in mint or near mint condition. And all issues of Datormagazin and Hemdatornytt.
» Eagle is selling homemade sweets, relatively cheap. Price list at Eagle's website
» Goto80/H'nT needs sidchipz.
» Wix/Mippotronic is hunting for spare C64 parts in general, since none of his C64's passed the test of flaming hate! Wanna sell some?
» aegis/nothing is looking for a working c64, disk drive (and probably a retro replay too). Email to erik@q-olio.net if you have some!
Send a mail to Frantic if you wish to add something here, or if you need help in getting in touch with some of the advertisers here.

» A video on Youtube from the Up Rough corner at BFP2006.
» Get all sorts of info on C64 coding at codebase64.org.
» The BFP/LCP/Floppy file archive.
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