St LCP - Lund/Sweden - 1-3 August 2008

Party over! Thanks to everyone for making StLCP an extremely pleasant experience! Compo entries, results, photos and stuff is now available in the archive. See you again in 2009!

2008-07-31 Lots of things to take care of here! It looks like we are able to stream some of the stuff from the party, such as the livegigs. Depending on what the live-gig'ers (Jucke and goto80) say about that, it is possible that you'll see some links for streaming on this site tomorrow evening. Also, RaveGuru just promised to dig up an old 486 PC and run some demos on the bigscreen from the period between approx 1990-1995. ONLY 24 HOURS LEFT!
2008-07-30 Back from other-place and ready for D.A.T.A! We strongly encourage you to bring your demo collection to the party. The bigscreen needs you during the party and it is open for anyone with some gems and/or classics to show. Only two days to go now!
2008-07-16 I (FTC) am off for some vacation for two weeks. This means that I won't update the St LCP homepage a lot during this time = almost all the time until St LCP. However, don't be fooled by the apparent non-activity. We're 100% game and fit for data-fight + trainer! Let the count-down start!
2008-07-09 ...and, CMP donated some nice compo prices specifically for the PETSCII compo, just to give all the freaky PETSCII kidz a carrot to long for! Don't miss this chance to become the #1 official PETSCII graphics champion in this galaxy! LDA STA!
2008-07-28 In case there are enough C64 graphics entries, this sub-part of the compo might split in two: pixeled graphics and PETSCII graphics.
2008-06-12 Mogwai the data doctor strikes back! On St LCP he will once again save the souls of your thought-to-be-lost old hardware, like he did many times before on various St Lars and BFP parties! So, in case you have some broken piece of hardware that you feel is important for you, don't hesitate to bring it to St LCP and Mogwai might very well fix it. Might is a keyword here, because he is doing this work for free (but give him a beer or so, will you?) and there are no promises. This hero of D.A.T.A gotta have some time to party too, right?!?

...and a big screen beamer is still needed. Anyone?!
2008-06-02 Information on Compos and Party Features added.
2008-06-01 Goto80+Dunderpackern live jam sometime during the weekend!
2008-05-31 For the St LCP game compo we'll use a hacked version of "Hat Trick", named "HT Gold", so now you know what to spend time practicing on. However, this specific version differs from the original in that it is known to make grown men cry until they get insane. This hacked version surfaced on earth for the first time last saturday, when it was shown/played on the main square of Copenhagen on a 4x8 meters large bigscreen. Weird huh? More photos here and here.
2008-05-19 Friday at midnight: Jucke's Experimental Sidshow, with S.A.M & live PETSCII!
2008-04-13 Site open; Date and location officially announced. A lot of information will be added to the site in the next few days. Stay tuned!


  Ten years after first surfacing on earth, and two years after merging with Floppy (into BFP), LCP is now back again in yet another incarnation. This time in the form of St Lars Computer People, mostly organized by good old Frantic of Hack'n'Trade, with some help from the creatures behind the St Lars series of parties: Jackasser and Raveguru of Instinct. The result is yet another smashing party for all the C64/Amiga/Atari/etc lovers around!

Those of you who ever visited a LCP, BFP, Floppy or St Lars party know the deal. A whole weekend of smelly D.A.T.A action, talking, boozing, blipping and blopping, finalized by an ancient compo ritual where people do their best to show off their coding/music/graphics/mongo abilities.

  The party place is called "Hemvärnsgården" and it is located only about 100 meters from where St Lars 2007 took place, just on the other side of the street, in case you happen to know. Space is slightly more limited compared to the BFP party-place used the previous two years, so you better sign up right away in case you'd like to be really sure...

The partyplace is close to a burger/sausage grill (50 meters), and there is a pizza resturant about 100 meters away. If you feel adventurous you could walk the 800 meters to a gas station which is open 24h, and next to that one you'll also find a Mc Donalds resturant.

There is no separate sleeping area, just to make things clear. It is not totally impossible to put up a tent in the surroundings of the party place, but it is not like there is a proper camping or anything like that. Stay ruff!

To get there, just take bus #4 from "Bantorget" (ask someone, it's very close to the station) toward "Norra Fäladen" (North) and get off at "Smörlyckan", which is the bus stop after Lund Hospital ("Universitetssjukhuset"). The bus ride takes something like 10 minutes. If you don't have a lot of stuff to carry you could even walk there from the station in 20 minutes or so. When you have arrived at "Smörlyckan", walk further along "Getingevägen" (150 meters or so) until you see some small red houses on the left side, after passing the "Sibylla kiosk" (called "Rolles Gatukök"). St LCP is held in the red house furthest away (but before the horse stable :). There is a map available here which shows where the party is. If you happen to come by car, we can supply the luxury of free parking behind the house where the party is. (I'd like to keep the front of the house free from cars if possible, so people can hang out there and so on, even if you could in theory park in the front too.) If you know that you will drive there and if you feel like picking others up along the way, just send me a mail and tell me your route and I'll add a cooperative traveling section on the site.

  The doors open around 16.00 on friday (1st of August) and they close again (officially) around 12.00 on sunday.

  The party is all yours for 120 Swedish Slobotniks.


  The compo consists in three main categories: Demo, Music, Graphics. These three compo categories will then be divided further depending on the hardware platforms required for the entries you hand in, like C64-Demo, Amiga-Music and so on. If there are very few entries for some specific platform, we reserve the right to merge several categories into one (like having a shared compo for 16-bit machine graphics instead of separate compos for Amiga-graphics and AtariST-graphics) and so on. In the worst case, this means merging categories which are not optimal to merge, but that's life. On the other hand, if there is enough C64 graphics entries, then the C64 graphics compo may split into two: Pixeled graphics and PETSCII graphics.

In case you plan to hand in a compo entry for some other machine than C64 or Amiga, please let me know in advance. In this case, you will also have to bring the hardware required yourself and you will have to ensure that it is possible to show it on the big-screen somehow. Basically, all platforms are OK, apart from PC stuff. :) We will supply both 6581 and 8580 C64's with 1541-II drives and Action Replay or Retro Replay carts, as well as Spot's Amiga. In case you have any kind of questions about the compo, just let us know.

Regarding C64 productions (music/demo), you will be able to specify whether your... thing.. should be executed on a 6581 or 8580 SID. All C64 entries must be executable, including graphics and music. You hand in your entry on 1541 disks and those disk are kept, so be sure to have a backup of your stuff somewhere.

When handing in compo entries you will have to fill in a form with some basic info about your entry, such as how long it should be played, if it requires any user interaction during its execution, whether it loads once (so that I may safely remove the disk after initial loading) or whether it loads repeatedly during execution, and so on. Having access to this info makes the compo experience a lot more smooth for everyone. This means that you should not just hand in your compo disk to whoever looks like a reasonable guy and then run away, even though you may be tempted to do so.

The voting procedure will be handled by using Magervalp's eminent C-Vote system as usual.

No remote entries are allowed. The compo vibe can only benefit from having the competitors among the audience, rather than 129 miles away. At least one of the persons involved in the production will have to be on site.

  This year we will also have a Rasterbars Coding Compo on the party in case enough people show interest in participating. That means that we will set up a number of C64's running Turbo Assembler, and you will have a certain time to code the nicest Raster Intro. The more precise form of this compo will be determined in consultation with the ones showing interest in participating. For example, if the competitors feel like 30 minutes is more fun than 60 minutes, or something, then so be it. It is totally OK to compete in teams. However, you have to start from scratch when participating in this compo, so any kind of readymade code, graphics or music is explicitly forbidden. We hired a Gorilla from Copenhagen Zoo which will make sure that you do not bring any disks to this compo. The intros will then be shown during the main compo, in a separate category, and people will be able to vote on their favorite, in order to determine the winner.

  There will also be one (or more) game compo(s). The game to be played is a hacked version of the classic hockey game "Hat Trick", and this specific version is called HT Gold. We will probably release this hack at St LCP, but in the meantime you'd better start practicing on the original Hat Trick! In case of public demand, we may also have other game compos, like Tour De France 2005, Fist II, or some other game of your choice.


- Mogwai - the data doctor - fixing broken hardware (every now and then)
- Jucke's Experimental Sidshow, with S.A.M & live PETSCII (friday, midnight)
- Goto80+dunderpackern live C64 music jam (time unknown)
- Demo-shows
- 1X2-quiz with nerdy questions (saturday afternoon)
- Strange movies on the bigscreen (every now and then)
- Rasterbars on-party coding compo (saturday afternoon)
- Kitchen available
- Autentic sweat (all the time)

A more precise schedule will appear here before the party.

Feel free to request features!

 * = Required stuff

 Handle *
 Group (if any)
 Your email (won't be displayed) *

 Extra comments/questions etc (No URLs here!)


%00000000   Boyfriend/DUREX
%00000001   Dane/BD
%00000010   Jucke/Judas
%00000011   Twoflower/Triad
%00000100   Yoki/Up Rough
%00000101   Spot/Up Rough & Triad
%00000110   nmioaon/Ancients/HVSC
%00000111   Taper/TRIAD
%00001000   Zyron/0xP
%00001001   Klegg/Panda Design
%00001010   radiantx/Panda Design
%00001011   Orbiter
%00001100   Lotus/Ancients
%00001101   VoDKa/Fairlight
%00001110   Mathman/HT
%00001111   Ravelli/DUREX
%00010000   Mindcooler/Sys5
%00010001   fortytwo
%00010010   ZZAP69
%00010011   Pernod/Horizon
%00010100   Miztluren
%00010101   Booger/Up Rough & HT
%00010110   coffe
%00010111   Devia/Ancients
%00011000   fegolhuzz/kakmonsterklubben
%00011001   Avalon
%00011010   Fix/TRSi
%00011011   Johey/d4rkn3ss
%00011100   dino/Judas/Up Rough/dS!
%00011101   linde
%00011110   Violator/alphaflight
%00011111   Oxidy/Fairlight
%00100000   MagerValp/M&M
%00100001   iTCH/NoFX
%00100010   GO0OTO0O8O0O/H A C K N ' T R A D E
%00100011   Shadow/Noice
%00100100   kfc
%00100101   oys/oxyron
%00100110   morphfrog
%00100111   hollowman/Fairlight
%00101000   Bobmeister/SX64┬┤ers
%00101001   lft/kryo
%00101010   Yazoo/Oxyron
%00101011   Skope/Up Rough
%00101100   Puterman/Fairlight
%00101101   Inge/HVSC
%00101110   TDA
%00101111   Macx/Onslaught
%00110000   Prowler/Up!
%00110001   Skyhawk/Laxity
%00110010   ogge
%00110011   Knoeki/Digital Sounds System
%00110100   iopop/triad
%00110101   CMP/Triad
%00110110   Mogwai/DFS
%00110111   Qdor
%00111000   Ramzeus/The Gang
%00111001   ali
%00111010   Yarrick/kryo
%00111011   z-nexx
%00111100   flex/kryo
%00111101   Altruist/Tulou
%00111110   esau/traktor
%00111111   Grokk/The Gang
%01000000   Otro/Up Rough
%01000001   elfan/Starlight
%01000010   thec/outbreak
%01000011   PA Qvick
%01000100   Kaze/Ancients

Nässjö - Växjö - Hässleholm - Lund Magervalp... Car... Back and forth... READY!
Orust/Gothenburg - Lund TDA is going by car from Orust/Gothenburg to Lund, and back again:
Flensburg - Lund Yazoo/Oxyron is looking for a transfer from northern germany (Flensburg) to lcp... so if anyone got a free seat in his car - contact him:
Stockholm - Lund Johey will host a scenetravel (mini bus) which will take off at Friday morning and leave at Sunday after powerdown. Plus/minus some flexibility depending on circumstances, of course. He can take up to nine sceners, himself included. The price depends on the number of passengers, but it will not exceed 700 Swedish Slobotniks (for each person). Please drop an e-mail to [johan cinnamonbun crypt period se] if you like to join. At this time, you are not committing yourself. Johey will contact you when it's getting serious.
Shadow Looking to buy some 5.25" disks, preferably at a reasonable price.
z-nexx Wants a diskdrive for the C64, Kickstart 3.1 ROMs for the A1200 and expansions for the A1200.
Magervalp Looking for Amiga 2000 expansions (hard drive controller, accelerator, kick 3.1 roms, etc)
Jucke ...wants to buy 1541-II trafos. If you happen to have a spare trafo or two, bring them along!
Bobmeister ...would like to buy 2 TAC-2's in good condition.

  Send a mail to FTC to add these kinds of ads here.


  In case you got questions, send a mail to and it will end up in Frantic's mailbox.


  The archive contains releases, photos and the official websites from all LCP, Floppy and BFP parties so far. It is available here.