— royal antique monocledata

2013-08-05 Check the archive for photos from the party. If you have photos from the party that you would like to share, please send them to us so we can put them in the archive!
2013-08-04 We love you! Get the releases or be fucking lame. Consider cleaning up just a little before you leave, and we might love you even more.
  • 16.30 — Deadline graphics (all platforms)
  • 17.30 — Graphics compo (all platforms)
  • 19.00 — Deadline music (all platforms)
  • 20.00 — Music compo (all platforms)
  • 22.00 — Deadline demo (all platforms)
  • 23.00 — Demo compo (all platforms)
CHANGE OF RULES: Music entires may be max 2:30 minutes (not 2:00 like stated before)

For each of the categories, we will play/show other platform entries first and then the C64 entries directly after.

2013-08-02 We're rolling! The stream is set up to Check it out!

NOTE: Jucke gives us the SID Show in just a few minutes and Moppe/Oneway will play live for us about midnight.
2013-08-01 We forgot to specify when the doors open and when they close, so here we go! Party time: 14.00 Friday until 12.00 Sunday!
2013-08-01 The compo section is updated with info that explains how the compo entry submission procedure works. Also note that we may set up a stream from the compo, with machinery supplied by Ziphoid. Check this news section for updates and info on that.
2013-07-28 Only five days left until party time! Here are some photos of the amazingly baroque party place. Have a look and feel the vibe. Royal antique monocledata it is!
2013-05-28 Check the BFP 2013 invite or be ridiculously lame! This should be viewed on a C64 with 6581 SID because it makes use of the good old $d418 digi playback method. Don't forget to press SPACE to flip screens!
2013-05-15 Better late than never! A preliminary homepage is now silently launched and you are very welcome to sign up for BFP 2013!

Jucke just sent me a disk with petscii graphics for this site, so it will gradually morph into something visually different (and more serious???!?!) in the upcoming days. The text/info will remain the same unless noted explicitly here in the news section.

Triad, Judas, Hack'n'trade & Durex invite you, grownup datakid from the filthy gutter of hacking culture, to yet another journey into collective bluescreen decadence.
When summing up We came to the conclusion that Feeding the scene with parties is nice, but what really drives us is the challenge and data adventure of gathering friends with old computers in new and interesting environments. To conquer them with SID and VIC. Make them data, with data. And now we found a partyplace so tempting we simply cannot resist doing another party. If you thought gubb was the end-station, think twice like the judges did.
Friday August 2nd to Sunday August 4th 2013. Doors open Friday 14.00 and close again at Sunday 12.00.
Folkets Hus, Södergatan 65, Helsingborg, Sweden. Folkets Hus A-sal is a ballroom built in 1907 by the workers in town and it has more than hundred years of history. All kinds of gatherings from political meetings to dances, performances and speeches by famous swedish politicians and artist and and even boxing bouts has been hosted there. Recently renovated for several mill euros to its original 1907 looks and shape, we are talking about a nearly royal q-marked environment with details of gold. In fact, this environment looks so old, our early 1980's machinery will look futuristic in it.
Entrance fee
200 sek (breakfast & nice included)
How to find?
Folkets Hus in Helsingborg is easy to find as it is in the heart of the southern part of the citycentre (södercity) and on the main street called Södergatan. If you come by train, ferry or plane, it's within 10 minutes walking distance from the central station. A taxi will cost you less than 10 euros and if you take bus #8 with a prepaid SMS ticket you will be stepping off at Gustav Adolfs torg just outside the entrance within 5 minutes.
The parking possibilities around the party is good with a big parking lot on the big square just across the street. Parking is free on this sqare from saturday afternoon until monday morning. Parking on friday can be found two streets behind the partyplace (folkets hus) where there is 9 hour parking, and up on the hill above (200-300 meters walk) there are better possibilities for parking
You find the BFP party by walking trough the entrance gate from the big street, turning right after about 10 metres and walking into the entrance with automated doors, then taking the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor. We will put up signs from the street all the way up the first day so you will find it. If not, just ask by-passers "folkets hus?" and they will point you in the direction. If you are all confused and are like on LSD when traveling on your own, just drink a glass of milk and breathe deeply, then look for nerdy people with pizzas or snacks in their hands walking in groups who seem to know where they are going.
One of the first things that wills strike you when entering the party is how ideal the room is for compos. Apart from the practical aspects and the luxurious framing on the big stage with the motor driven bigscreen, it's got a modern stationary stage mounted backlit beamer and a thunderous sound system. In classic LCP/Floppy fashion MC Frasse vs S.A.M (Jucke), Taper, and others, with assistance from yet others, will take you trough the compo flight, realized through Hedning's A-grade compo machines. The compos are as follows: And all the other formats like Amiga, Atari, Gameboy, etc will have compos depending on the ammount of entries. You know the deal. Petscii graphics compete in the normal c64 gfx compo because after all its the default gfx format on the c64. Please note that if you want to participate with anything other than c64, you might have to bring your own hardware, have the right cables to connect it to our system, and be ready to execute your stuff on it, and you should also contact the organizers before the party.
IMPORTANT: When you hand in compo entries you must fill in a form with some info on what type of compo entry it is and how it should be executed. Please hand in all compo entries to Frantic. Note that we will assume that all C64 entries can be loaded from a 1541 Ultimate II in case you don't explicitly indicate in the form that the entry should be loaded from a 1541-II drive. We accept compo entries both on 5,25" floppy disks and on USB sticks and such. If you want your production to be loaded from a real 1541-II drive you must submit your compo entry on 5.25" disks.
Food & Drink
We are downtown south Helsingborg which is the multiculture part of the city centre, so every kind of fastfood imaginable from around the world will be available around the corner. And if you want to stash up with cheap snacks, candy and sodas, well, thats just as easy. Most places are open late but if you should turn munchy late at night there is a 24h petrol station nearby. For alcoholic beverages we recommend either bring your own or take a 20 minute ferry to denmark. Those ferries are floating booze shops open 24/7 and you dont have to walk off on the danish side. Also, we will serve a free simple breakfast on saturday morning (freshly baked buns with cheeze & marmalade & juice & coffee) but that is the reward only for the very hardcore data elite who stay up until saturday morning.
Friday night we have a little entertainment on stage to put you in the right mood. First up is Juckes Experimental Sidshow with Dino on Live petscii, followed by Moppe/Oneway performing his music Live on stage. Mogwai the data doctor will be at the party resurrecting your darling machines like magic before your very eyes, so bring your broken stuff as well! Apart from this we have a few other things up our sleeves, but we let that remain something for you to discover. The little things that altogether make it special.
Smoking is outdoors. Data is indoors. Lamers will be taken care of by the mexican gay wrestling team or molested during sleep by secret members of Durex. Fonts should be max 32x32.
Comfort Factor
Despite the venue looking unusually luxurious, this will be hardcore kalsongdata just like always. Normal Data pigging is ok. Farts are welcome and the place has a massive air vent system that will change all the air in the room in around 10 minutes. There are no showers in the building but a swimming hall across the street if you desperately need a shower. There are two toilets directly connected to the big room but in case they get too much pressure there are three more available in a room nearby. The floors are made of oak wood where we are computing (middle of the room) and plastic mat where we sleep (on the sides). Escaping sound while sleeping will be impossible, so bring earplugs. There is a pentry in the end of the room with running water, a duo coffee-machine and a refrigerator to keep you beverages cold.
And oh yeah, bring your own electrical multisockets.
Sign up!
The party is over. It is no longer possible to sign up.
These are the people who couldn't resist:
%00000100Acid T*rroreast/HT
%00000111Klegg/Panda Design
%00001101Miztluren/Panda Design
%00010110hedning/Genesis Project
%00011110Yazoo/Censor Design / Arsenic
%00100001radiantx/Panda Design
%00100010mrdeath/Genesis Penis
%00100110JackAsser/Booze Design
%00101000Pex Mahoney Tufvesson
%00101011Bob/Censor Design
%00101110yonx/up rough
%00101111Spot/Up Rough
%00110000qwan/up rough
%00110001Deadguy/Up Rough
%00110010magnar/censor design
%00110011TSC/Up Rough
%00110100Booger/Up Rough
%00110101Coffe/Up Rough
%00110110Elusive/Up Rough
%00110111Flubba/Up Rough
%00111000Zaner/Up Rough & Divine Stylers
%00111001Lavazza/Censor Design
%00111010Octapus/Up Rough
%00111011deadguy/Up Rough
%00111100fegolhuzz/panda design
%00111101Frost/Panda Design^Tulou
%00111111Lusius/Panda design
%01000010Sixx/Genesis Project ^ Up Rough
%01000011Brandon Walsh/Genesis Project
%01000100Knut M. Clausen/Shape/Fossil
%01000110MagerValp/Genesis Project
%01001100Prowler/Censor ^ Up Rough ^ BRS
%01001111Irvin Fletcher Jr
%01010000NiM/Censor Design
%01010001z-nexx/Genesis Project
%01010010Duck LaRock/Camelot
%01010011Ekoli/Censor Design
%01010100Swallow/Censor Design
%01010110moh/panda design
%01010111Fix/Genesis Project
%01100110Stinsen/Genesis Project
%01101001Joe/Wrath Designs
%01110000chantal goret/hack'n trade
%01110011Dane/Booze Design
%01110101Optiroc/The 1.000.000 Boys
%01111010Qdor/Panda Design
%10000000Max Levin
For further information, questions, and swapping, catch us on IRCNet #c-64, on Antidote BBS at or mail, or send us a message on CSDb or whatever. We are:
Releases and photos and stuff from past Swedish parties, such as LCP, BFP, Floppy, StLCP, StLars and so forth, are available in the archive.